Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Flying Careers Update

Egh, it's been a while since I've posted. I've just been pretty busy out here. I got sick during a trip, then my little brother drove out from MN for the weekend (!), I got flown into my day off on Monday, and now my friend Lori is here from Texas (she's the twin sister to our roommate, Kelly the airplane mechanic). We're heading to Cannon Beach today. Brr.

I'm not finished with the Flying Careers series. With the first posts, I pretty much covered the different jobs out there and the time & effort involved in working your way to the top. Any decision to start on that road should consider what awaits at the end, so my next few posts will be about pay, benefits, retirement, and lifestyle for various jobs in the field. I'll also discuss the pay and lifestyle one can expect in the various beginning and intermediate jobs, since one can expect to spend significant time in those positions, especially these days. After that, I'll discuss the training process and attendant costs, and conclude the series with a few words of advise (I mean, other than the many words of advise written so far!).


Flygirl said...

Enjoy Cannon Beach...looking forward to more 'Flying Career' posts!

Dave said...

Here in Atlanta we have been bombarded with business news about Delta (
I would be interested in your thoughts as to why they got into this istuation, yet others (Like SouthWest) seem to prosper.


Sam said...

Dave, I've been doing some thinking on that subject & will probably comment once I'm done with the flying careers series.